Ukulele Lessons Introduction


Aloha, Folks!

I am excited to announce that, in addition to the wide range of subjects I already offer, I have now added the Ukulele. 

This Hawaiian instrument, developed during the 1880's, have recently become so popular that Rockschool has launched a brand new syllabus, specifically for the Ukulele. This new syllabus consists of nine grades, from Debut to Grade 8.

In addition to beginner lessons, I will offer this Rockschool syllabus to students who want a more structured lesson plan and study the ukulele at a higher standard. This means that the subjects I offer now include the electric guitar, the acoustic guitar, music theory, music production, and the ukulele.

For more information about the syllabus, click on this link, and for pricing, click here.

I am Nick le Rock