NLR Guitarworks

I have been working on guitars for approximately ten years. It started out with small things, like electronics on my own guitar. When I started working at the local music shop as a sales person, I soon realised a need for someone who could do small repairs and services to guitars, in a short amount of time. Clients would come in with a guitar and explain that they have a gig in three days' time and need some work done on their guitar before that. I started doing a lot of research, asking some 'big names' in game for advice and looked at how they did things.

Over the years my skillset has developed to just about everything, apart from building and refretting of guitars. Long term clients included Musikhaus W Heuer and Mars Music. I also had a big number of private clients, including some celebrity names.
I can tell you a lot, but a picture speaks a thousand words, so click on the link to have a look at some of the jobs I have done.

To make things easier, I have also set up, what I like to call, the 'NLR Guitar Services Basic Menu':*Gibson Broken Head 

Restring only:  
6-String acoustic or classic guitar R100.00
6-String electric or bass guitar R100.00
12-string acoustic guitar R170.00
12-string electric guitar R170.00
Other services:  
Minor electronic ‘gremlins’ R200.00
Fit new machine heads (6-string) Includes restring R200.00
Fit new machine heads (12-string) Includes restring R260.00
BASIC service and setup:  
6-string acoustic R260.00
12-string acoustic R320.00
Electric and bass guitar R400.00


Basic service and setup includes: Clean guitar body, clean and lubricate fret board, check for broken braces, strip bridge systems and lubricate all metal parts, check electronics, restring, set action and intonation.
Not all guitars’ action can be 'simply adjusted', especially on your older guitars where the wood has been damaged due to incorrect string changes and weather conditions etc.
Other available services include, but are not limited to, neck repairs, body repairs, fret polish, fret leveling, fret end dressing, rust removal and restoration. These services will be quoted on per job.

* Prices are for labour only and does not include parts and sundries.

** Sometimes I notice something along the way that was hidden. In those cases the prices will change, but you will be notified in advance.

*** E&OE
Feel free to contact me today so we can sort out and take care of your stringed 'loved ones'.