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From Rockschool's website: "Join The Rockschool Ukulele Revolution! The Rockschool Ukulele syllabus has evolved. Master the ukulele with Rockschool’s first fully regulated suite of ukulele grades (Debut – Grade 8), regardless of age or musical ability. Play your part on the instrument everyone loves to play."
"The ukulele is in a unique group of instruments with re-entrant tuning. The Rockschool Ukulele syllabus develops instrument-specific techniques through digestible benchmarked topics guaranteed to equip students with the practical skill and theoretical knowledge to perform at the highest possible level, across a range of contemporary styles."

In 2020 Rockschool launched a brand new syllbus for the ukulele, with nine grade, ranging from Debut to Grade 8. The grades feature a collection of tracks from some of the world’s greatest artists, films and musicals. Rockschool has taken popular musical pieces and songs and reinterpreted them specifically for the ukulele.

In pop culture the ukulele has become popular as an accompaniment instrument. There are, however, as with any instrument, some artists who has taken this instruments to new hights, almost reaching the moon. The Rockschool syllabus takes the student through a structured learning plan to get them to the same place where they can make something new and different for themselves with the Ukulele.

"Rockschool Ukulele has been designed with industry relevance, student engagement, and academic rigour in mind. Every practical, theoretical and aural test has been written and developed by industry professionals to give students an unrivalled level of academic assurance. "From Rockschool Ukulele Webpage

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"What the world needs now is Ukulele...I've always believed it's the instrument of peace, because if everyone played the ukulele this world would be a much happier place."
Jake Shimabukuro
TED February 2010